Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Ride and shop shots

Cactus City Rest Area on the 10 East

They have Rattlers here, but the sign says if you follow proper precautions you probably won't get bit.

Chiriaco Summit Coffee Shop serves Pretty good hamburger.
See the Joshua Tree? There's a bunch more in the park but I didn't feel like stopping to take pictures. I have old ones on the old web site. 

Bright colors

Less bright

Tag on our new drill press motor.

Walker Turner drill press. We think it's early '40s. If not please let us know.
ST 165

Bonus "creepy sock monkey thing" For reef over at Slider Magazine


  1. Dig your shop. Thank you for taking the time with me on Sunday.

  2. At least now creepy sock monkey is hanging out with Betty paige.

  3. They want you to teach them to surf Clear Creek.