Friday, November 18, 2011

Route 66 at night 1

Here's a few pictures taken around Route 66 at night. Some have been published on websites, Facebook, and other blogs others have been sitting in our archives for years. We'll post 'em in small batches so you don't get sick of them all at once.
Just Cruisn' Car Show. They have a burnout contest on Friday night.
Lori at La Posada
66 Motor Palace
La Posada around Christmas

Saturday, November 12, 2011

El Mirage

It was about 38 degrees when I made it to El Mirage for the 6:45AM patrol meeting. It rained a little overnight which means dust was low, the track was hard and the air was dense. There was even a little tail wind for an extra push down the 1.3 mile course. It was a fast day and records fell.
Ready for duty!

Just after patrol meeting and a breakfast burrito.
I joined Gear Grinders about seven years ago with the intention of racing a Buell Blast. By the time I found a bike I figured out I was too lazy to mess with it but I stayed in the club just in case. As a member of an SCTA racing club you do "patrol" duty every year or so. Patrol is sort of like being a flag person at a regular race but since the course is so long and nobody would see the flags, you alert the "tower" on a CB radio if anything happens.

My Patrol Station. Officially known as "Tower 8." The RVs in the background are "Return 7 or 8." the course is wide.

Here's a truck going about 140. (zoomed all the way in and most of the photo cropped off) You need a great big lens and a steady hand to shoot here. I can't even follow the cars with binoculars! 
There's always plenty of cool stuff on at an El Mirage event.
This Honda 600 is powered by a GSXR 1000 motor. It sounds wild revving to 14,000 RPM before shifting!
He's the driver. It's a very small car.
Here's a rat that was cruising around.
A guy with an Aermacchi Harley and a nice Chevy to carry it around.
This stood out in the line up.

A blown Triumph 250. This bike was beautiful and I tried hard but these pictures don't do it justice.
Root Beer Brown with Gold Leaf...

...and a Supercharger

...on a 250cc race bike that could inspire a thousand Cafe Racers and Choppers!
Time to go home, but not without a dinner stop on Route 66 at the world famous La Poloma Restaurant  in La Verne. (Two blocks west of Garey)
La Paloma in Laverne is a Route 66 landmark that lives up to it's reputation for quality Mexican Food. It's really good!