Friday, January 24, 2014

More around Winslow

A few shots from around Winslow 
I forgot to post this so it's going up now. I'm switching to Wordpress but will keep this alive for awhile.
Motorcycle Parking

Pigeons around the corner

How to be warm on 18° mornings

Clear Creek

"Rama-Rama-Rama..." (was a song in an old Ram commercial)

Memorial on the Plateau
Next post: More Winslow and a little San Antonio-I'm already back.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winslow Week!

Yesterdays Work

It's 16° outside now but will be in the mid 50s later. The important thing is it's warm inside, I have a working coffee maker, and delicious coffee from Mojo Coffee here in Winslow.
Coffee kitchen

Where I'm sitting right now with fresh darker paint on walls.

Morning sun

With a lot of grinding and guessing we have all our faucets working properly. I'm not too excited about the finish I chose for handles but they're working and the stems will now accept any handle from "Made in USA" California Faucets
Antique fixtures are a challenge, but after countless hours of effort...water runs and stops.


Our reflection in the Theater window

The building around the corner burned down since our last visit

Southeast side of the Motor Palace

Shortly after taking this picture I learned the restaurants close early on Sunday

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How we spent Christmas Vacation

We ate
For details and recipes go to our Townhomesteader blog 
Rib-Eye Roast

Sweet Potato Pie.  Recipe @ 66 Pie
Where we eat

We messed with Motorcycles

Sold some cool stuff
Schott NYC Leather Jackets
Motor Dolls Books

Took this Picture in Black & White mode
It reminds me of Albuquerque, N.M. in the late '60s. It's Orange, CA in 2013.

Drove Around
With all the electrical working, new brakes, and a new exhaust system, Baby got to do some exploring in the big city...on genuine paved roads! It wasn't good Christmas weather but it was great weather so we took turns looked at Christmas lights in the Jeep and the Sidecar.

With a new exhaust system, baby purrs like a kitten.