Sunday, November 18, 2012

Montgomery Motorcycle Company, YM-1 goes Boom!

Montgomery Motorcycle Company celebrated the opening of their new Vintage Motorcycle shop in San Clemente Saturday. The place is beautiful and the party was one to remember. Music was provided by Smiling Face Down and the Alter Billies, Happa J's served tacos on fresh made tortillas, and they had a Plymouth pickup full of ice cold PBR. Last but not least were the hosts, they are probably the nicest bunch of people in the motorcycle business and they made sure everybody had a good time. Be sure to stop in to meet them, and bring money they have plenty of cool stuff! Here's a link to their Blog too

Montgomery Motorcycle Company Grand Opening party

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day, Fall clean up, Enchiladas and bonus last picture.

Thank you veterans.

My cousin and I are friends on Facebook, we haven't seen each other in "real life" since sometime in the mid '70s. Back then I spent my time riding motorcycles and swimming. Tim is a little younger and  he liked swimming. We never stayed in touch and while I was riding motorcycles he got a PHD at Columbia.
On Veterans Day he posted this picture on our Grandfather in his Navy Uniform from WWI. Our Grandpa Law died when I was young and I never knew he was in the Navy. Thanks Tim for this knowledge, thanks Veterans for protecting our rights including the ability to share our thoughts and beliefs in this world of social media and instant communication...and thanks to whoever thought up "sexting."
My Grandfather Hayden Law.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Flat Track, a sunset, and lonely ghosts on Route 66.

The Pomona Fairplex hosted the AMA Grand National Flat Track Finals again with the help of Presenting Dealers PomonaValley Harley-Davidson, and Glendale Harley-Davidson. Our man Kenny Coolbeth dominated the race from flag to flag and made it clear he's back with his second victory after returning from injuries late in the season. Thanks for a great show Kenny!
Kenny Coolbeth's winning tire in a secure top secret location.