Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby Pictures!!!

Can-Am Update
In the late '70s Can Am produced a military bike based on the TNT. In addition to being green and having a center stand it had an oversized steel tank. The Cowboy tracked one down and convinced the seller to put it in a suitcase and bring it over from England (he was coming here anyway).
So now the Kid's busy stripping layers of paint between rides.
It's ok, they're in Arizona...besides my Dad said it's safe. They used the same stripper in Viet Nam.

Nice bike, too bad they spilled paint stripper on that Saguaro!

Baby's Home
The Jeep arrived late Friday night and I had to work Saturday but we got to play with it all day Sunday. It starts runs and drives pretty well and it's in good overall condition. It's had an easy life on the ranch and basic maintenance has been kept up. Paint's thin and the hood was repainted in the past. The seats were covered but original. The vinyl is stiff and has cracks. Lori put some vinyl dressing on them and the color is great. The coil wire is not so good and the choke was stuck on and the mixture screw was all the way in it's not now).
So far we've sorted out the carburetor, washed, color sanded and waxed it. We'll do a brake job, replace the exhaust, all hoses, fuel lines, vacuum lines for heater control and windshield wipers, replace the tires and reupholster the seats.
We didn't want to load up everybody's Facebook and Instagram feeds so we posted a ton of pictures here.
Right valve cover of the Mighty Dauntless! (Lori's Picture)
With Fatboy  (Lori's Picture)

Rodders Row

66 Motor Palace Orange

Bondorella and Baby

Old Town Orange

Ready to unload with Brian Jr. (Lori's Picture)
About the time I figured out the choke was stuck. (Lori's Picture)

Nice fonts! (Lori's Picture)

Lubing the chassis and drive line. It didn't need much. (Lori's Picture)

Really old tires with lots of tread. (Lori's Picture)

Tailgate graphic

Getting bluer.

Amazingly it doesn't leak. the fuel filter mounting technique is on the list.

The Beginning and End of the Day
Motivating the Chile plants with home made tortillas and chorizo at breakfast.
Dinner at Panchos

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New baby on the way, Throttle Merchants visit us!

Shop time with the YZ80
Finished stripping the YZ80 chassis and will split the cases tomorrow. So far other than the oil pump mess it seems solid. I'm going to go ahead and bore the cylinder and go one up on the piston.
Drilling more screws out.

More cleaning, it still needs a few more passes.
G/S needs to go for a ride soon.

Dream Jeep
 We've made the final arrangements for the baby we're adopting and she should be here in a couple weeks. She's lived on a ranch in San Luis Obispo since 1988, and a ranch in Santa Ynez before that. Life's been easy with 17,000 original miles. She's powered by the "Dauntless" V6 which was originally used by Buick in passenger cars. It's all stock but the radio and the roll bar. We'll give her a bath and see what we got when she gets here!
Schott has my back on special delivery to Chase Bank.
The new baby...look at those hubcaps!

and that face!

Throttle Merchants Magazine
Got a message from Matt Porter the other day. He and Aileen wanted to check out the R50 for Throttle Merchants Volume 4. As satisfied a customer (I purchased volumes 1, 2, and 3) I'm thrilled one of our motorcycles is being considered for their publication. We had a great time drinking coffee, messing with stuff in the shop, and I got to ride around on a motorcycle while they took pictures! For more on Throttle Merchants Magazine click here.
I'm probably doing about 120 here

I got a t-shirt too! (Don't blame them for this picture I took it)