Monday, June 24, 2013

A productive week of Route 66 fun!

Bye for now Winslow
We accomplished most of our work goals and exceeded our fun plans! It's exciting to see Winslow's renaissance project coming together. The theater is re-opened and busy every night, the Soda Fountain and a Cafe serving breakfast  and lunch should be finished mid summer, the new Arizona 66 Trading Company is open, and of course the Standin' on the Corner store is going as strong as ever. All of this, in addition to several really good restaurants that are already there. The restaurants are a little different here, but it's a good thing. Almost all of them say Mexican and American Food. No matter what they're named or how they look they all serve incredible Mexican food. Bojo's and Brown Mug are walking distance from the Palace and Casa Blanca is about a mile east on Route 66 just past the Falcone. BTW, the red brick building to the center left is the 66 Motor Palace.
People come from around the world to stand on the corner.

Bubba from the Delta Motel. He wanted me to feed him. 

Inside the Brown Mug

This is the Trading Post the cash register came from.

 The drive home
We got a late start and goofed off so much it took us twelve hours to get home! 
My old boss John from back in the 1980s owned and built this Truxton gas station in the 1970's.

Here it is being built.
Photo provided by John Hensley 

Here he is! His hair's shorter now but he still looks about the same.
Photo provided by John Hensley 

We stopped by the Kozy Corner Trailer Park outside Kingman to check out the petting zoo.
You have to stop and check these out!
We also drove around some dirt roads behind Essex and Cadiz. Lori has pictures at
Road Runner's Retreat between Chambless and Amboy.
Roy's in Amboy
Roy's is one of our favorite places on Route 66 and if you've been following us awhile you're familiar with it. Kevin was working when we stopped and quickly engaged us in conversation. He's a seasoned Route 66 enthusiast with a good sized collection of art and memorabilia. We started talking about Route 66 and I asked him about some watercolors on the wall. It turns out they're his. He told me about the artist and mentioned he had one of Angel Delgadillo he kept in the back. I asked if he would sell it and we agreed on a price. We had a nice visit and when we were ready to leave he said, "hang on a second" and disappeared for about five minutes. When he returned he gave us these signs and said, "I want you to have these for your building in Winslow."
Roy's sign, not Kevin's or ours. Lori's photo.

Kevin and me. Lori's photo.

Pete Morris' print of "The Guardian Angel of Route 66" Here's a video about Pete.

The character Flo in the movie "Cars" is based on Fran Hauser who owned the Mid Point Cafe in Adrian Texas.

Huntington Drive is Route 66 in Duarte

These Dickies Jeans are great!
I've ride tested the Dickies 1922 Carpenter Jeans and they work great and last week they got a work test. I abused them working on the building five days straight, plus one day driving out. They're absolutely my favorite jeans. The pockets are deep, they hold their fit and shape, they're comfortable all day long, and the pocket on the leg is perfect for an iPhone! We have a limited supply of these and the traditional five pocket Cone Mill's White Oak Selvage Jeans available. Contact us if you're interested.
Actual photos of Dickies Jeans in action!
Lori's pictures.
Thank you Chuck, Joy, Joe, Sandra, Don, Tom, Lisa, Barry, Stoney, and Kevin for helping make this a great week!

For much better pictures visit Lori's blog at

Friday, June 21, 2013

A fine time on the High Plateau

Today is our 15th Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Lori!

Yesterday was nice too
Lori took the truck to her parents so I hitched a ride from the motel with "Stoney" (a tile man working on the soon to be Soda Fountain across from us). The mornings have been cool and calm and at 7:00 tourists trickle in just a couple at a time.
They're continuing the sidewalk improvements in front of the Motorcycle Parking.

Our lamp post and theater reflected in the front window.

Looking north to "a corner" with a "flat bed Ford."

Old sign and other stuff we've found in Jenny's and the Motor Palace.

These guys were heading home from Flagstaff.

Pre-dinner exploration
We drove out to Clear Creek before dinner to have a look, this is 5.8 miles from the Motor Palace.
There's camping and picnic areas along the creek. Swimming and small boats are allowed too.

For better pictures see the ones Lori took at  Bondorella. She should have them up soon.

More painting, cleaning and Mexican food today...and yes Cousin Tim, the building will be ready in August, and I have a list of great Mexican restaurants in the area!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to Route 66 and Winslow

We scored again at Snow-Cap! Last summer's rooftop show with John Delgadillo's band was followed up with a performance by Angel's band. Seligman is one of the best stops on Route 66, the Delgadillo family makes sure everyone has a good time. Angel is the person credited with organizing the movement to save Route 66. He may also be the inventer of fun. Here's a link. Angel Delgadillo then go read all the Wikipedia stuff and visit him, you'll be happy you did!
They're playing when the bongo player starts yelling "Brian, your tacos are ready!"

Joe and Phil

Angel and John

Couple random shots
Spare bricks

Hummer and belly tank in their new home

Palace Fixtures
We're painting, staining and prepping for tile and flooring. We finally plugged the old Coke Machine in and it worked!
It lives!

Red Tub
Less red
1st coat of Gold

British Visitors
A wedding Party from England stopped in and left bonafied Hillbillies! They mistook us for a proper motorcycle shop and asked if we could help with a packing problem. (Their bags were wider than the racks and were hanging kind of scary). With a Makita, some scrap wood and a few drywall screws we got them back on the road without any permanent modifications or immediate injuries.

Enjoy your trip and come visit again!

 A couple sunsets
Route 66 to our right

The alley on our left

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Original post jacked by Yamaha!

Derrick at CW Moss has been busy fixing up the his building and recently added a tenant. We were walking to dinner around sunset the other night and snapped this through the corner window.

Breaking News!!
Jim just found this at the Dixon Swap meet and I bought it while writing this post on my iPhone at the car wash. Technology!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unproductive Weekend!!

Not Much Work Here

We spent this weekend visiting with friends and running dead-end errands. I stopped working on Baby Monday when I ran out of parts and discovered Lori left with the truck keys in her pocket. I used the time to play around with my camera.
Old stuff

Baby seems pretty excited about her new belly tank.
The G/S is about tired of this garage

Winslow Stuff

I was looking at some old files and ran across some early sketches of Motor Palace ideas.
A couple ideas for the Carriage House facade...doing something different now.

Early logo idea
First logo idea

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dickies Selvedge Denim Jeans and Jeep obsession.

Dickies 1922 Heritage Jeans
We got our hands on some Dickies jeans from their Heritage collection. These jeans are made at the Dickies work shop in New Braunfels Texas of Cone Mills White Oak denim. The White Oak plant in North Carolina was built by Cone Mills in 1905 and they weave selvage denim on narrow looms from the 1940's.
We have a small supply of the carpenter and heavy duty button fly straight leg five pocket styles in limited sizes. These are selling well by word of mouth and we aren't going to put them on our web store until they become more readily available. If you're interested in them give us a call or email and we can arrange a fitting and send you some pictures. International friends please accept our apology, we are unable to ship this product outside the USA.

Chore Coat

Except when we go to Winslow later this month we are devoting our spare time (besides riding) to getting the Jeep dialed in. 47-year-old vehicles with 17,500 miles that've been putting around ranches have unique problems. Not much is worn or broken but lots of things are stuck, hard, or cracked. 
The light switch was frozen solid. I had to beat it with a hammer to free it. After a good cleaning and lube it works perfect!


Inside the turn signal switch. it was frozen too. There were dead spiders. That's a wasps nest in the upper left.

Had to cover the 68 with the new 2014.

Baby got a kitty.

Felix getting his picture taken for Instagram. #66MotorPalace
Weekend 3
We tuned the motor (it runs great), replaced the defroster duct, and vacuum lines. We're chasing brake parts, and still don't have brake lights. I won't bore you with details. Lori pulled the dead radio and speaker out to make it easier to work under the dash.
We got new work lights. Matco has a few models made in USA.
Chevrolet AM radio.

Check book

Turn screws
We've started on the brakes, Jeff at Wheels-n-Motion is helping us find some appropriate tires, and we'll get seats to the upholstery shop pretty soon. Next up will be new belts, hoses, fuel lines and a few obvious leaks. Then we'll take it out and see what falls off!