Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chicken Run complete!

Our luck continued, Crystal Cove had cancellation Friday and we got to stay in Cottage 40 on the beach next to the Los Trancos creek.

Cottage 40

Old Crystal Cove then Gallery now information center across the creek from 40.  

Raising the Martini flag. A tradition the Beachcomber continues today.

Surveying our new shack.

Room full-O-Wool!

This Deus scarf is soft and warm.

Smart people with umbrellas.

Toy Jeepster


They're going to save most of these to use as rentals.


Los Trancos Creek from our deck

Peeping Tom cam.

Night shot of bridge where umbrella people were.

The path from the coffee source.

Writing and looking at dolphins (there were a bunch of them).
After two days without seeing a motorcycle we had to get out luckily Crystal Cove is twenty miles from home so we made it back in time Saturday to stop by the Farmers Market, look at motorcycles, assemble a shelf in the kitchen, drive a Jeep, and make tacos. We spent most of Sunday cooking, baking, and eating.

Oh, and I talked to Joe the Contractor in Winslow Saturday, he's been keeping warm in South and Central America for awhile but now he's back. It looks like the apartment will be fully functional by mid February if we can ge over there.

Now I have to figure out how to pitch that tent.

This is what the tent looks like assembled.
...I forgot to post a motorcycle picture!
'78 Yamaha SR500

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Threading the needle between storms!

Thank you friends for your well wishes and outpouring of support. As you can see we made it. In fact we made it without getting wet. We left Joshua Tree with blue skies and light sprinkling through Yucca Valley. The roads were wet from Yucca Valley to Orange and there was standing water on our driveway. The motorcycles were clean on top with road grime on the bottom and front.

Don't know how we missed the storms but we did.

A picture of Lori taking a picture of me taking a picture of  baby Cholla cactus.

Lori's picture of me taking a picture of a baby Cholla cactus.

We scored these at the thrift store for the ride home, they worked!

Sportsters at Joshua Tree Inn!

Shiny on top dirty on the bottom

Since we cut our trip short and weren't miserable from riding in rain we threw our bags in the pickup and hit the road. A few years ago Lori covered a bunch of stories on Crystal Cove. It's a long tale but it ends in the creation of Crystal Cove Cottages State Park. They rent these cool old refurbished beach cottages but you need to make a reservation six months to the day to get one. We've tried a few times and never had any luck but thought we'd stop by and see if they had a cancellation. They did, so we snagged it and here we are! The pictures pretty much explain it, plus they have free coffee. Parking is in a secure lot across PCH from the beach with a tunnel or shuttles for access. You can ride a motorcycle here but you'd have to park in the lot.

The tunnel to Crystal Cove was flooded from the rain we missed!

View from our room

View of our room.

To the south...

...cottages they can't save to the north.

Dinner time.
We're going to post this now so you can stop worrying about us and get some sleep. For Lori's story go to

Surprise weather forecast and no good plans!

We had a great work/fun trip in Phoenix, got to spend time with old friends and met some great people too.

Us having fun in downtown Phoenix.

This is were you should stay if you like cool old things and you're in downtown Phoenix.
Hotel San Carlos  and eat at 
Bonjour Vietnam downstairs, the food and people are  fantastic.
The tall building on the right is the Hyatt, the lower building is the Convention Center

The plan was travel light and go "where the road takes us." At breakfast I looked at the weather and realized there was a storm predicted for the weekend at home...our ultimate destination. We hadn't packed for that and decided to take desert roads back west toward Joshua Tree and try to get back before the storm.

Lori at Desert Center with the clouds that come before a Pacific storm.

Big desert

29 Palms Highway

The fact the plaid in my shirt compliments the gas tank is just another example of my attention to detail and why Zemla is afraid I will steal all his good ideas and start a TV show.

After another great meal at Crossroads Cafe we hunkered down at the Joshua Tree Inn (it was cold) for a few photos and an early nights sleep.
This little fella is at the Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree. The food here is great.

New Guitar at the Gram Parsons Memorial outside Room 8.


New Garden 


 It's raining in most of So-Cal and just started sprinkling in Joshua Tree...don't have a plan yet but we're going to be wet and we're going to eat tacos either way!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!

We're spending a few days in Phoenix Arizona for work this week. Not sure where we'll go after work but the weather looks good for the long way home!
Freshly serviced and ready to ride.

New MX pegs from Burly Brand. These are cool!

Lori and a Shaguar at Chiriaco Summit Coffee Shop.

Cool Wedgewood travel trailer in Quartzite.

This is how they do Valet parking at the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cold Week!

We love the cold weather here this week. It was 37 degrees when we got up Saturday but it warmed up by the time I made it to the Farmers Market.
The best coffee comes from Steve at Drip Stop.

The best bread comes from Grampy Pat's Sourdough.

The best apples, pears, and cider vinegar come from  Ha's Apple Farm in Tehachapi.

Lori was at a baby shower so I took the Porn Sled to Riverside to buy this cool tent I saw on Craigslist. I thought it would be fun to take the G/S on a campout in the desert. It's too big to carry around on a motorcycle but it might make a good house for the G/S if I can figure out how to set it up. If anybody out there knows how to set assemble one of these It's worth a steak dinner at the Tartan Room. I think it's about 50 years old. It's says T-311 Umbrella 10' X 13' Side Room in big letters below the front door. Don't know what brand it is.
My attempt at a rugged outdoor lifestyle's on hold 'til I figure out how to pitch this tent.

New suspension kit for the Fatboy. Progressive shocks and springs are my absolute favorite (and I've tried most of the others).
 The alarm went off at Lori's work so we had to go mess with it and missed the swap meet so we went to town to drink some coffee and walk around.

Circle Patrol
 We walked over to Chapman and Lori met this nice cat...

...he led her around awhile...

...ever vigilant...

...and ready to wrestle!

We looked at this building during the real estate boom. It's a 2000 square foot tin shed. They sold it for about $800,000 and it needed about $100,000 in repairs. It was more than we could afford but I sure wish we owned it. According to the Realtor it was a livery stable originally.

Since We didn't take any pictures of motorcycles this weekend here's a few from the archives.
Lori at El Mirage in '06.  I think this is a nice place for Cousin Tim to learn to ride a motorcycle.

'67 Honda Trail 90. I think this is a nice motorcycle for Cousin Tim to learn on.

Our Love Bug and a friends Volkswagen.

We're heading to Phoenix for a few days next week then cruising around southern Arizona in search of food.

P.S. I mean it, the first person to show me how to pitch that tent gets dinner at the Tartan Room. If you live too far away I'll send you two bags of Drip Stop Coffee, a loaf of Grampy Pat's bread and a couple shop rags.