Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

We slept in, ate breakfast and spent way too much time installing Lori's new swingarm bag to get in any miles in. Fortunately our poor planning and lack of self control provided an excuse to stay at the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino. On motorcycles...back to your garage Bondorella.
Bondorella being shiny (Bonus Picture)

An Asian-Mexican fusion breakfast

Vintage Bultaco windbreaker that fits!

We've been wanting to stay in the Wigwams in Holbrook for a while but It's too close to Winslow if we're going somewhere, and too far if we're working on the Palace. The Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino is only about fifty miles from Orange so we rode North West to get in a little Route 66 exploration.

Private dance party at Honey's in Glendora.

Gasoline Girls Berdoo?

We added just about 30 miles to the ride but managed to kill a few hours and arrived just before sunset.
Kumar and his Wigwams.

This is weird and it happens a little after I get gas on all my bikes.

Sunday morning we took Route 66 East then North on the 215 up the Cajon Pass and back down the remaining Route 66 section. 
Lori's vintage Buco pants (from Yellow Devil Gear Exchange) look great
with my Dad's old jacket.

I think this train came from Winslow.

We stopped to read a monument but someone stole it!

Hangin' over scary cliff.

Big ol' succulent and proper succulent suit at an abandoned building on Route 66.

Buy this Jacket, it will look better on you and they've raised the price thirty bucks. We still have a few popular sizes at the old price.
This place would make a good motorcycle shop.

The end

OK, one more.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

West Texas to SoCal

We kicked off the last Texas morning in style. With our sights on Mesilla (Las Cruces) New Mexico we blazed through the remaining hills then across the cold West Texas desert (it's winter) to Barnett's in El Paso.
Texas food
Near the I- 20 and I-10 in West Texas
Built by Mule Motorcycles in Poway, CA
Outside bathrooms at Barnett's  Harley-Davidson
Mesilla New Mexico was founded in in 1848 (here's a link to learn the details). Bottom line is we wanted to see it expecting an old tourist trap (it is) but figured out quickly the food lives up to the hype. Eat at La Posta! If you don't like it bring it to me and I'll eat it. It's a great place to walk around a little too.
Las Cruces NM
I was standing outside La Posta when I heard this guy coming.
Chile everywhere!

The final stretch from Buckeye AZ went pretty quick. We did a little shopping in Quartzite where I picked up a rug for the Motor Palace and a couple books written in the '70s on Leather Jackets and and Denim...and a great blues CD by Sweet Pie at Reader's Oasis Book Store.
Makings of a successful smuggling operation

Sweet Pie, Marketing Wizard and me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

CVOs on the "Corner" and Texas

Here's a few shots of what was happening in Grapevine Texas before the Superbowl.
Winslow  in Texas

Still Standin'

Here's a couple shots of what's happening in Winslow every day.
Motor Palace

We might have to leave these spooky windows

Northish West Texas Hill Country is beautiful with "Classic American" small towns about every 25 miles green grass, Prickly Pear, and endless rolling hills. We wish we'd had more time to explore but we had a flat tire in the morning and lost about four hours. The up side is we had a good lunch at "Love & War in Texas". Wild Boar and a Catfish Po-Boy. The Wild bore was great and no one frys catfish better than a person with Southern Accent. We got a few shots and I'm making a ride through this country a top priority.

Classic Motel with little garages and it's "For Sale"
When we were kids my little sister terrorized these places. Seriously, she was banned from the one in Everman.

I want a train

Perfect spot for a Motorcycle shop. North Hill Country 66 South?

I forgot to read the sign but it's in Sweetwater.
It's greener than California and they have Armadillos.
Monahans Texas.
Texans! If I have my geography wrong please post a correction. We're on the I-20 W.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holbrook, Gallup, Santa Rosa, and Childress.

Photos from a Bonsai Run to Grapevine, TX
Holbrook, AZ

Good Steaks next to the Wigwam Motel. Holbrook, AZ

El Rancho Gallup, NM

Santa Rosa, NM is a good Route 66 town with some real good food. The fat man smiling on the sign came from the Club Cafe which served from 1935 'til 1991-2. The Campos family bought it a few years later but the building needed too much repair so they moved the fat man smiling to their restaurant. This place is real good.
Joseph's. The fat man smiling isn't Joseph. 
Eat here!

Club Cafe in the background is where the fat man smiling lived before  the Campos family rescued him.

Drive by shot Santa Rosa

Childress, TX is on the 287 about half way between Amarillo and Ft. Worth. The highway goes right through the middle of town. It looked better in real life than in these pictures.
Morning sun in Childress, TX

Mc Lovin' it in Childress, TX

Childress looking west

More Childress

Childress yard sedan

Texas RV

Maybe the coolest thing in the world.

Big Truck heading for the sun

Long truck Texas style