Sunday, October 27, 2013

Deus Bike Build-Off

The Deus Bike Build-Off, Venice

The Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off America sounds pretty simple. Below is a description of the competition:

Oh...and the local winners from Sydney, Milan, Bali, and L.A. compete for the overall title! The outcome of the L.A. (Venice) event was determined by esteemed Judges; Yoshi Kosaka, Shinya Kimura, Michael Woolaway, Mike (Relief Judge), and our very own Lori Bentley-Law!

Orange County was covered in thick fog and that broke around Seal Beach, traffic was light for the 405. We were greeted with hot coffee at Deus and Lori was soon whisked away with the other Judges by Julian and Hiroshi. While they were busy Daniella and I tried to figure out a way to sneak Yoshi's bike out of the shop. We failed so I drank more coffee and took a few pictures.
Lori's picture of fog

Daniella loves Yoshi's custom Harley-Davidson JD

Shinya's Honda

Yoshi's Felix the Cat helmet. I sat next to it and received compliments for a couple hours.

Eric Christie of  Mixture Motor Co with his tastefully modified Yamaha RD 200.

Eric's blog has before and construction photos. Mixture Motor Co

Aaron Miller's Honda is all about the details...and the overall design,,,and...

Best dressed vest!

Esteemed Judge grilling participant

BMW R-65 Hill-Climber

A boy and his dog.

Street-fighter...street won a few battles but bike won 5th place.
A little parking lot action too
Hayden's G/S standing in the corner.

Crimson Ghost


nice survivor


Full parking lot and cool Sportster.

Garbage Wagon?

BMW /5

Cute kid

This pole dressed as a Volkswagen commercial for Halloween.



Other side of parking lot
Mix of show and other stuff
Lots of "found objects" and interesting details on this one.

Lori and friends talking Motobots

Heidi making her own fun!

Bixby Moto, the winners! Picture taken several hours before they won, they smiled like this all day.

Winning motorcycle
Hiroshi, Yoshi,  and Tammy

BA Moto


Monday, October 14, 2013

Bonsai Bonus Run to Winslow

Search for Bathroom Accessories
Olde Good Things specializes in Architectural salvage and and other mostly large antiques. Bathroom accessories were a long shot but it was an excuse to drive up and see their L.A store in person.
It's not the biggest store I've ever seen but it's packed with some amazing and very big things! Lori and I had wandered in different directions when I ran across an interesting "corner booth thing." I continued down the next aisle and looped back to find her, I wanted to show it to her. We circled each other a few minutes and when we met she was standing in front of the booth. She'd found it too and wanted to show me. We had both envisioned it in the exact same spot at The Motor Palace.

A half an hour later we left with no bath fixtures, but we had a Ram full of booth and accessories. Ten minutes into the drive home we realized this thing wasn't going to fit through the doors in our condo. I said, "oh shit." Lori said, we could just take it straight to Winslow. It sounded like a good idea, and not having a better one we headed for Route 66 and Winslow! 

Loaded up about 2:30pm

9 hours, a steak dinner, and a few chocolate bars later we deliver the booth to its new home.

When it's set up this cabinet attaches to the booth and has a beveled mirror secured with dowels to the marble top. It also has a locking glass window that shares a key with the cabinet. We don't know where the window attached this thing was a part of a larger structure originally,we just don't know what.

Detail of wood and mother of pearl inlay.
A good night's sleep, good breakfast and good drive home.
Dar's wasn't open yet so we drove to the Falcon for Country Fried Steak. We checked in with Don at Standin' on the Corner Store, tore out the bathtub faucet and a faucet stem from the sink, tidied up a little and hit the road! When we got to Ashfork we decided to cut south early and visit Prescott. There was a strong box from a stage coach in an antique store I wanted. The box was gone but we had a great slice of pie from Berry's Pie Pantry which made the detour worth it. You should go to Berry's and eat pie too!
Lori's berry pie and my rhubarb in the background

On a sadder note the Meteor City Trading post isn't looking well. It closed earlier this year due to family health issues and is deteriorating rapidly.

This is the fence that was the "Longest Route 66 Map in the World"

This beauty was spotted near Flagstaff
 Bonus Stuff
The guy at Olde Good Things gave us this Sunbeam Mixer

....and Lori discovered this mysterious writing as we were leaving. It's on a hidden wall inside the basement. She spotted it in a small opening at the base of the building. We'd already locked up and were doing a "walk around" when she saw it. 'We'll be looking more closely when we return.
I got all the parts needed to hook up the bathtub properly at Baird and Crocket Monday and made a successful modification to the faucet stem for the sink. Next time we're at the Palace bath time will be fun time! BTW, all pictures in this post were taken by Lori in her iPhone neither of us brought cameras and her pictures were all better than mine.