Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tacos with BioLite and Wimberley Bluegrass Band

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A couple years ago Lori came flying into the shop and yelled "Drop what you're doing, you've gotta come down to the circle right now!" I did, as she explained... "The coolest Bluegrass band you've ever heard is playing in the circle!" By the time we walked down they were gone without a trace. A few months later these incredible musicians were playing at the Orange Farmer's Market. Lori wasn't with me but I was sure they were the same band. I bought a CD and confirmed they were. We like them so much we've purchased two more of their CDs. So watch BioLite video, (they let us use one of their songs fot it) then go read their story.

Wimberley Bluegrass Band link

Now the BioLite. If you don't already know, the BioLite CampStove is a high tech portable camp stove that turns twigs into heat for cooking, and electricity for charging things like iPhones and running USB devices such as LED lights etc. I saw a post on FaceBook last year and had to have one. I got my pre-order in that night and had one in the first round of shipments. Not being a big camper, I postponed using it until I bought a tent. Since I haven't figured out how to pitch the tent I bought, the BioLite sat idle...except when I took it out of its bag to show friends. The BioLite people told me they were making a grill so I ordered it too. After awhile the curious began asking me how it worked so I figured it was time to make some tacos.

The Biolite Camp Stove and Grill exceeded all my expectations. It heated a 6" cast iron griddle to 400 degrees in about the same time as the gas stove in our kitchen. The grill distributed the heat very gets less hot farther away from the heat source.  I cooked two jalapenos, two Hatch Big Jim chiles, and about a pound of beef in about thirty minutes. It probably used a coffee can of wood.

BioLite CampStove link

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday, Vegas, Pio Pico Adobe

First, thank you to everyone who commented and emailed your feedback on helmets, we're probably going to put that one on ice for awhile.

I had another Birthday Monday so Lori baked a pie and we had special Birthday Tacos for dinner.
Apple Strawberry Pie with Lori's "Dustbowl" crust.

Lori bought me a pair of Made in USA '78 cut Levi 501s!

I made a Bonsai run to Vegas Tuesday for the Project Show. Don and Jason of Schott showed their 100th Anniversary Jackets and will release images soon. Start saving, they're real nice and will be available in limited quantities. Dickies has expanded the 1922 line to include three styles of selvedge denim jeans and an expanded range of shirts all Made in USA. We'll have some in stock in time for spring and summer riding. I don't have pictures from inside the show 'cause I don't want to get killed by the designers or exhibitors. 

Dawn Patrol

About a year ago I read of a legendary Route 66 restaurant and got to try it out on the way home from Vegas. Mr. Henry Wong has owned and run the Village Cafe in Barstow for forty years, and in that time he's more than mastered my favorite style Chinese food. Mr. Wong was alone eating when got there. It was early and I wasn't sure if he was open so I asked if I could eat. He said yes, gave me a menu and sat back down to his meal. A few minutes later his daughter arrived and helped with some recommendations and shared a little of her dad's history. She's very proud of him and rightly so. He's in his '80s and still cooks the food they serve...apparently by himself! His Pork Chow Mein with pan fried noodles is the best I remember eating anywhere at any price (the total including soup and a generous serving of pork fried rice was less than $10). FYI, if you're looking to get your butt kissed in a fancy restaurant or a fast meal you should probably not stop here. As the sign says it's a "Cafe" and the individually cooked meals are worth the wait. You Riders and Route 66ers know what I'm talking about.

Pio de Jesus Pico was the last Mexican Governor of California. He was born, spent his life, and died at the age of 93 in Southern California. He was important in making Los Angeles a world class city. His home is now part of a State Park in Pico Rivera.
The State did a nice job renovating the house without whipping out its...I hate to say this..."patina." It still shows the wear and tear of age, and they were able to re-pop some of the original art work, wall paper etc.
With the problems California Govt. has managing our tax dollars and resources they planned to close the park but a bunch of people got together and raised enough money to keep it open another year. If you're in the area and have a little time or want a quiet place for a picnic stop by and check it out. It's only a block off the 605.
From the garden
Music room
Portraits on display of MarĂ­a Ignacia Alvarado and Pio de Jesus Pico

We took this picture around midnight at our old shop.
V-Rod and Bonneville

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rising Sun, Silverado Cafe, NHRA, and Helmet Question!

Mike Hodis of Rising Sun Jeans hosted a post Inspiration party Sunday with all the trimmings. Rising Sun hand crafts denim and work wear on antique sewing machines using traditional techniques and the highest quality materials. Mike's passion for quality is only rivaled by his knowledge and skill.

Took the R100S out Santiago Canyon to try out the new throttle cables...they work, and had lunch at the Silverado Cafe. This place is pretty good. It reminds me of the cafes found in small towns far away from California. The waitress was real nice, the food was good, and lunch was less than $10 including coffee! I'm going to try breakfast next time.
Cafe Racer

Lunch Counter at Silverado Cafe

I was honored to be allowed to drink from Rosemary's pretty cat mug.

We got more Schott 141 Cafes and 689H Retro Horsehides.
We're still waiting for  Women's One Stars.

The NHRA Winter Nationals were this week and I hung around the Harley-Davidson exhibit Thursday through Sunday. The weather was perfect and they had a real good turnout. The Pomona Fairplex is a great venue and the Wally Parks Museum is something every Drag Racing fan should see if in So-Cal.
The NHRA Motorsports Museum

Pit Racing the Official Screamin' Eagle golf cart. (I caught him.)

Nice Tee-Shirt!

Races over, time to go home for dinner.

Yorkshire Pudding!

Resting Monday and heading for Vegas to see Schott's 100th Anniversary line up and get a closer look at Filson's stuff.

One more thing. Any interest out there in a Made in USA, DOT/Snell 2010, Full Face helmet, priced between $450 and $500?
They're a Kevlar Composite shell with a traditional shape, simple to use aluminum hardware, and a real comfortable liner.

Sneak peek!

I can't give up any more info at this time but I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Big Question: Have you ever paid $450 or more for a helmet before?

Please feel free to add any comments you wish to share.

You can comment to this post or send an email to Thanks for your input!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Inspiration Show

Rin Tanaka of "My Freedamn" fame pulled off his move from the Queen Mary to the Spruce Goose Dome next door without a hitch. The content and enthusiasm of Inspiration participants makes this show. Rin could host his show in a Wal Mart and it would be a big success.

Rin Tanaka signing my Schott 100th anniversary book.

Real nice tent.

Triumph and Dehen Sweaters.

Sportster and Pretty nice tent.

Jeff Decker's display.

We're honored to offer the above Hippodrome items and others for sale.

We're thinking about selling Chippewa Boots (we wear them). What do you think? 
Gonna get this posted so we can crash a few after parties, we'll post pics if we don't get our cameras smashed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jackets arriving and Motorcycles getting love!

We got a few jackets in and had a couple appointments so I messed around in the shop while Lori went to Farmers Market.

We'll have more sizes in the Women's One Star and men's 689H Retro Horsehide next week, Schott's working hard to fill post holiday orders and they're almost caught up!
Here's what arrived this week:

The Perfecto 125 has side laces and a two inch longer tail compared to the regular Perfectos. These are harder to find and sizes are usually limited. You can use a Sam Brown belt with it so you should budget another $75 to buy one.
Schott 125

We're now stocking the 141. It's the Naked Cowhide version of their Schott's Classic Cafe Racer.
Schott 141

Last but not least we're testing this Jeans Styled Naked Cowhide for warm weather use. The button front allows air in naturally without the bulk and complexity of vents. Plus it looks cool!
Schott 100

I moved some battery chargers around checked on the Shorai Lithium Iron battery I installed in the R50 in December. So far so had 6.5v after about a month and the terminals are still clean. That's a record in this motorcycle. It seems to start easier too but that's probably BS.
Road King came home and got docking hardware installed for a solo rack. 

Sunday I slept in and didn't go outside until about 4:30 in the afternoon. The left throttle cable on the R100 was routed wrong and had a kink in it so I replaced the pair and lubed all the parts in the throttle mechanism. It's all smooth now and it holds a sync now. I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and paint the cowl to repair the big ass scratch I put in it when I pushed it into the Buell bar end mirror (don't worry Buell fans it didn't leave a mark).
R100S got some well deserved love this weekend. I need to take this out more!

Lori's helmet came in so I ran up to Deus in Venice. I filled up before leaving and the L-Rod was averaging just under 29MPG when I exited the 90 Freeway in Marina Del Rey. By the time I drove around Venice and got back home it was at 26.6. There must have been a tailwind because it usually does 26 on the highway. This Town Car gets better highway mileage than the Turbo Beetle we had about ten years ago.  
L-Rod pickin' up Lori's helmet at Deus Venice. 

Rin Tanaka's Inspiration show is this weekend so I'll spend Saturday there after Farmers Market then maybe some riding on Sunday.
El Camino swap meet score a couple years ago. YZ80