Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas! We're hitting the road Monday. Not sure where but we'll post updates as time, wi-fi, and motivation permit.

Lori drank this Christmas Eve and was out before the "Muppets Christmas Carol" was half over. 

Christmas Eve Egg-Burger-Dog.

Santiago Canyon Road in Orange.

Close to 80 degrees.

Sidecars are fun!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas Poem

Christmas 2011

It’s raining outside the Benz looks like crap.
The noise from the radio’s Jingle Bells Rap.

You beat up a guy for his Occupy Tee.
Now off for the park to chop down a tree.

The wife’s on your iPad doing live request cam,
so you head for the market to steal a fat ham.

Your phone starts to buzz as you head out the door.
The In-laws again, they’re trying to score.

Christmas will be here in just one more night,
bring ’em a bottle they’ll stay out of sight.

The kids left last Friday to go out and play,
they always come home for the big holiday.

You ride by a church and think about mass,
but you know ol' Santa don’t give a rat’s ass.

Arrive at the mall and the parking lot’s packed,
the really good cars have already been jacked.

The soon bankrupt Center’s a mile away.
You snag a good space it might be your day.

Down near Wet Seal you hear a loud sound.
The cops have your daughter hog-tied on the ground.

You duck into Nordstrom before you are seen,
They won’t keep her long she’s only fourteen.

You search really hard and find the right gift.
The security guard just ended his shift.

Out the back door and into the cold.
Shoplifting's easy when you start to look old.

It’s Christmas morning and everyone’s here,
They’re already loaded on holiday cheer.

Your friends and your family can’t wreck your yuletide.
To hell with them all just go for a ride!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Truck hunting on the Central Coast.

Back on December 2nd we loaded the L-Rod with cash and warm Made in USA clothing and headed to Cambria in search of a new/old truck. Lori wants a Panel Truck and I'm thinkin' '70s Stepside 4x4. I know-I know get the Panel, but I've wanted a Stepside Chevy since high school.

L-Rod and Lori at Cambria Palms Motel.
Check it out! Room 6...that's 66 less a 6 and the address is 2662 Main Street. Coincidence? I think not.

We had dinner at the Sow's Ear. This place is great, the Chicken Fried Steak is real steak.  (View from Lynn's Fruit Bin)

This is Camozzi's. I was never thrown out of Camozzi's...for sure. 

This a patio/garden area behind the Motel. The air was 45 degrees but the sun was so hot I had to take off my Jacket.  

After breakfast we drove to to see a '62 Panel in Los Osos with short stops in Harmony and Cayucos.

Harmony: Population 18. Next time you're on Highway One you should stop there.

Lori found this one but it wasn't for sale.

Lori typing a letter in the Harmony Post Office.

She and this cat got along well.
Stay tuned for Truck Hunting II. Trucks are harder to find than we thought.