Saturday, May 26, 2012

Palace Progress!

Thanks everyone for the hard work, patience, and encouragement the last couple years. We appreciate it and are very happy the Motor Palace is on it's way to reality.

The foundation was undermined on the right. As it settled the wall rotated right. You can see the cracks above/left of the door  where it lifted and the right edge of the door where it was pulling away. The door and the left (south) wall remained square.
Inside view of cracks. We'll use windows to let light in now. We will miss the photo ops.

Joe (Builder) and Robert (Architect) sent some pictures of the work on the "Mud Room" walls. This is the rear wall of the apartment. The wall is east facing and the windows will be glass block to allow morning sunshine.
Robert's great shot clearly demonstrates the high quality of Joe and his crew's work!

Master craftsmen at work.

Bath tub window with steel lentils and all.

The old door earned it's right to  by remain as is.

Reinforcement! How's it look Sally?


More glass block.

The Last Brick. We'll paint them the same color as before.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday Meetings and Deus Sunday Mass

I rode up to Baldy for a work session (really) Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect and traffic was light. The people and food at the Mt. Baldy Lodge are hard to beat and it's only about twelve miles up the hill from Route 66 (Claremont / Upland). You can take Glendora Mtn. Road back down and pick 66 up in Glendora and make a nice little ride of it. Lori and I rented a cabin a couple years ago and it was pretty fun too.
Market research 

After carb tweaking and a thread repair on the R100S's left head I rode up to Venice to hang out with the cool kids. Deus Ex Machina held their Sunday Mass after the VVMC Third Sunday Ride. Deus took over the old Conroy's building at Venice and Lincoln and transformed it into "The Emporium of Post Modern Activity" with music by Brook and River, grilled sausages, and beers. They also serve the most incredible coffee ever from Handsome Coffee Roasters. If you like coffee you need to go try some. I bought a bag and we're drinking it right now! This party was perfect except I forgot about the eclipse and missed it riding east. Julian and Stefan said they're doing it again next Third Sunday so bookmark their site and "Like" them on Facebook for updates.
Deus Sunday Mass.

Loaves and fishes.

Post Modern Popemobile?

It's legit...BA Moto was there!

A well executed street tracker.

'23 T Bucket

What's that tank remind you of?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Long Beach Performance Swap Meet

We spent Sunday morning at the Long Beach Performance Swap Meet where we looked at a bunch of cars and picked up a few hand tools.
Rat's eye view of the Orange Motor Palace

Lori's tool box

Grand Prix

'77 Grand Prix

Monte Carlo

'69 SS Camaro...I had this model and sold it in my early 20s. Absolute proof I'm an idiot.

Coolest Auto Parts Store ever... parts.

Crazy looking Mustang

Crosley Cockroach with V8

Fat gas tank.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost BSA Pictures!

We lost these pictures taken of Bobby SirKegian's BSA at the Trailblazers banquet/show when we tried to upload them into the computer. They reappeared when we did the latest iOS5.1.1 update!!!

Bobby grew up in the motorcycle business and started racing when he was a kid (AMA Champion at 13) and pretty much ruled the SoCal motorcycle drag racing scene his entire career. You can see a couple of his bikes at the NHRA Museum in Pomona. This guy is the real deal: enthusiast, racer, dealer, and now restorer/preservationist.

Check Bobby's site for more details and photos.

If this post isn't working let us know we're trying the iPhone app.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day Ride and shop shots

Cactus City Rest Area on the 10 East

They have Rattlers here, but the sign says if you follow proper precautions you probably won't get bit.

Chiriaco Summit Coffee Shop serves Pretty good hamburger.
See the Joshua Tree? There's a bunch more in the park but I didn't feel like stopping to take pictures. I have old ones on the old web site. 

Bright colors

Less bright

Tag on our new drill press motor.

Walker Turner drill press. We think it's early '40s. If not please let us know.
ST 165

Bonus "creepy sock monkey thing" For reef over at Slider Magazine

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Actual Motor Palace update and more stuff.

I don't want to jinx anything but...demolition will begin next week. I said it now wish us luck!


The bathtub will be here much of this wall will be glass block for morning sun.

A room with a dungen. 

Since we're home this weekend we took care of a few chores and goof around Rodder's Row.
Lori torqued Bondorella's heads Saturday morning.
I messed around in the garage and held lights for Lori. I also made flautas and corn tortillas. 

Tomas stopped by to pick up his new Schott 141 in brown. He rides this Lambretta and a nice Bonneville. 

Karmen let Lori drive her the '60 Ford she just picked up. Pretty slick! 

Billie from next door, she's Jewels' roommate.