Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday fail saved by Route 66 Sycamore Inn and YZ80 Resurrection

Good people, good motorcycles, and good jackets.
Click image for more Schott
Gavin rode his Slim up fron San Diego County to pick up his Schott 141.

Lori's birthday was Friday so I made plans to surprise her with an overnighter at the Mission Inn. Everything went great 'til we arrived at the Hotel. I apparently made the room reservation for Friday and the dinner for Saturday. I got an email confirmation and a reminder from the Restaurant but nothing from the hotel. They charged us for the room so they could have called to see if we were still coming. If they had we would have jumped in the car and driven over. Oh well, now I know to call if I don't get a confirmation email.
Anyway since Mission Inn was booked for Saturday there was no point eating at their restaurant so we drove to the Sycamore Inn in Rancho Cucamonga. It's a legendary Route 66 restaurant that pre-dates Route 66. It started as a tavern/inn and was a stop for the Butterfield Stage. The current structure dates back to the 1920s. After dinner we drove west on Route 66 to Glendora and eventually cut south to the OC for dessert at Wild Flour Cakes in Fullerton. The evening ended up a success. Lori has a new favorite cupcake shop and I don't remember the last time I had a steak as good as Sycamore Inn's Rib Eye. Lori felt the same about the Filet Oscar plus the staff was very friendly, and professional. We'll be back!
LINK to Sycamore Inn on Route 66 Rancho Cucamonga

Nice people and good food inside.

Traveler's welcome here

My second motorcycle was a Yamaha YZ-80A and I've been trying to replace it for years. Last August my friend Craig in Texas saw this one for sale in Tucson. I sent the guy a check and he brought it to the El Camino show last October. I've bought a few parts for it and decided to tear it down the other day. Surprisingly the top end and the carburetor are in decent shape. The heads on the oil pump cover screws were destroyed and I had to drill them out. The pump's a mess and will be difficult to remove (it's soaking in Kroil now), most seals will need replacing, and I'm sure I'll find more as I get deeper. 

 A Coffee plant, we'll see how this works out.
The peppers and chiles are healthy
The old press started to crack, the new one makes thinner tortillas, I'm going to make enchiladas now!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Farmers Market and the 1st ever Rodder's Row Open House

We do most of our food shopping at the Orange Homegrown Farmers and Artisans Market and were in major withdrawals. We missed two weeks in a row and nearly starved to death. If you haven't been to your Farmers Market lately go check it out. We're able to get our coffee, fresh baked bread, beef, chicken, eggs, and produce fresh every saturday. They even have great live music!  
Steve of Drip Stop Coffee

I rode

Bondorella worked. Lori took a picture. (a couple weeks ago)

The Cowboys were in the mountains west of Phoenix
Will at Vintage Bicycle Restoration had his Grand Opening so a few of us decided to kick in and share the fun. We had a band, tacos, a bounce house, bicycles, hot-rods, and motorcycles. It was officially over at 4:00 but when we rode back after dinner around 9:00 the hard core bicycle guys were still carbo-loading. It was pretty quiet today.

Our Sleds, Porn and Dread.

Frankie checking out the Dread Sled



Lori looking for a reason to cut into her "Dust Bowl" pie.
Jerome (our Hot Rod, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Farmers Market and Flea Market friend) likes pie!

Synchronized Cyclists Julie and Jim

Not so Synchronized...

Jim with Lori's new High Points.

On the way back from lunch I ran across an available building near the shop and had a look. It probably won't meet our needs but it was pretty cool so I'm sharing the pictures. Too bad, 'cause it's closer to the Plaza and Farmers Market.

Our friends' cute two year old gave me this flower, Mondays aren't so bad, are they?

Monday, April 15, 2013

No Jeep, Pomona Swap Meet

Jeep not meant to be...
First the bad news. The Jeep isn't for sale. Now the good news. The Jeep isn't abandoned. The owner just rescued it and is fixing it up for his grandsons. I'll be keeping an eye out and hope to see it around town.

Pomona Swap Meet
Southern California has a lot to offer--the weather's great, and there are countless rides, shows, races, 
and a hundred other things every weekend. But when it's all said and done, if I leave this place the things I'll miss the most are the Pomona and Long Beach Swap Meets.

If you ever want to surprise me I love 66-67 Dodge Chargers.

Door art

Early '60s Saab 96

I know these aren't supposed to be cool anymore but I like 'em!

I had to drag her away kicking and screaming.

Tricked out, wore out CB550

Nice stock Beetle about to be lowered. 

CT70 $4000

This one too! They were about perfect.

Morgan and Phillips SEMA car. Check out their cool clothes!
I played around with the Heritage but didn't get much done. Spent most of the time extracting cross threaded screws. Made some adjustments to the carburetor, replaced the grips, and sorted out a few minor things. Overall it's in great condition and runs real nice. 
The G/S looks like it's laying on it's side!

Nothing to see here

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Triumph update, Lori's Goat Farm, and Stalking a Crazy Old Jeep

Lucky Triumph
Last week's Triumph troubles are turning out to be a pretty good thing...if you're the Triumph. Lori's been wanting to do something with it for awhile and said, "Since it needs a battery I might as well take the gas tank off and see about paint." So the battery's here, the tank and rear fender are off, she's shopping for a tail light assembly, and pondering some paint options. Here's a few pictures of her tearing it apart after we siphoned the gas out of it.

Here's a few more with the color turned on.

Agriculture Report
The seedlings were transplanted into their new pots Saturday. Lori knocked the bottoms out of the eggshells and planted them with Marigolds to help repel insects. They're taking well to their new homes and look like they've grown in the last twenty four hours! More at 

Crazy Old Jeep
This Jeep caught my eye while fueling up last week. I been checking back to see who owns it and if it's for sale. Today was my fourth visit and I still don't know. It's pretty much a roach and I probably ought to forget about it, but there's something kinda cool about the thing.

04/09/13 The Jeeps owner just rescued it to fix it up for his Grandsons so it's not for sale. I hope I get to see it when he's done!

Bonus Picture
Lori pissing-off cars behind us so I could see the van.