Sunday, July 10, 2011

66 Motor Palace Winslow

I have to pee!
I'm on a bonsai run to Winslow to meet with the Architect and get things ready for Standin' on a Corner Days and the Winslow Car Show in late September/early October.
I was surprised to see the city has decided to use part of our property as a parking lot. Strange, I have to hire an Architect before I can put a toilet in the building. Here's the contradiction, it's ok to grade and park cars on one side of a wall without an Architect's blessing but it's not safe to pee on the other side of the same wall.


  1. Hi Brian, I finally managed to stumble over to your blog, it and the Motor Palace look mighty fine! Hope I have a chance to visit some day...

    I have a comment about your product descriptions - You wear Chucks to the gym?!? LOL.

    Take care,
    Sara Hammer

  2. I have to, they won't let me wear boots!